Hey! I just wanted to point everyone to the new locations for rules, guidelines, that sort of thing.

  • Guild rules are located here. This covers things like what we expect of any member of Mostly Harmless.
  • Rules for raiding are located here. This covers all the things we do in raiding, like how to sign up, what to expect, and how loot gets handed out.
  • We also have a set of guidelines for raiding here. The difference is the guidelines are more how to behave socially versus hard and fast rules.
  • Lastly, we have the awards for EP for guild contributions located here. Remember that for most donations, there is a cap of 20000 EP per week. There are some items that have no cap, however.
Yes, there is a lot of reading. However, you didn't have to type it all out, so give us a little slack and go read it.
- Mostly Harmless
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Gnodaan??? You shouldve said something in guild. So many people wouldve been willing to donate and help you out <3 Silly Goose
MOSTLY HARMLESS!!!! Thanks for being awesome! Weekday team you guys did great last week. Lets conitnue the awesomeness in to this week!
Fuck. Only have like 60ish K and can't afford to resub ATM. Looks like it's a short break for me xD
been hovering around 90K pretty much since a week after the patch.
its up to 93k for a token? when the hell did that happen?