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Taralas posted Jan 20, 17  -  MumbleRaider

Mumble Tutorials

These flash tutorials will show you step-by-step how to utilize the most common features available in Mumble. Although most of the walkthroughs show you how to complete common tasks on our Mumble server, the Connecting to a Mumble Server for the First Time tutorial guides new Mumble users through the process of connecting to a Mumble server.


Taralas posted Jul 30, 12

Oh, hi! Glad you could find the place...

Just a quick reminder, since I've had a few people ask me. If you are interested in raiding with us, there are a few rules and guidelines. There are a few other things that have been unspoken for the most part, and I want to clear up for everyone, since we have some new people joining us.

Please be advised that the website will be undergoing maintenance over the next week, as we revamp for the new expansion.


Katshadow I like the clean look and now the new Banner.
Taralas And correcting the issue by adding a 'l' broke the customization. Weeee!
Winter Looks decent, Missspelled Guild in the Rules drop down, Currently says "Guid Rules"

So, the overall theme of the website has changed. Please take a moment and post your thoughts.


Noloshem Why is everyone a druid except demonstrable?
HngKngFooy It changed?
Jinelia LOVE IT!!!

Rules Updates

Taralas posted Jul 31, 12

Hey! I just wanted to point everyone to the new locations for rules, guidelines, that sort of thing.

  • Guild rules are located here. This covers things like what we expect of any member of Mostly Harmless.
  • Rules for raiding are located here. This covers all the things we do in raiding, like how to sign up, what to expect, and how loot gets handed out.
  • We also have a set of guidelines for raiding here. The difference is the guidelines are more how to behave socially versus hard and fast rules.
Yes, there is a lot of reading. However, you didn't have to type it all out, so give us a little slack and go read it.
- Mostly Harmless
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Gnodaan??? You shouldve said something in guild. So many people wouldve been willing to donate and help you out <3 Silly Goose
MOSTLY HARMLESS!!!! Thanks for being awesome! Weekday team you guys did great last week. Lets conitnue the awesomeness in to this week!
Fuck. Only have like 60ish K and can't afford to resub ATM. Looks like it's a short break for me xD
been hovering around 90K pretty much since a week after the patch.
its up to 93k for a token? when the hell did that happen?